Flexible Office Technology

WORKYOURWAY develops and implements for forward thinking companies innovative management concepts for office buildings. We apply a holistic approach through which we align present-day expectations of tenants with the requirements of developers and investors.

  • Increase of the attractiveness of buildings / spaces
  • Up to 40% higher rental income
  • Appeal to new target audiences
  • 100% higher effectiveness in online marketing
  • Development of distressed real estate assets

The Challenge

Tenants are looking increasingly for more flexibility. The main drivers for this development are changes in organizational set-ups, in processes, and corporate culture / employee engagement. Thus, the gap between supply and demand for these diverse needs is growing, as real estate is still marketed in the same manner, under the same conditions, as it has been done for the last 20 years.
Developers and marketers, both feel the same pain points: commercialization of new objects takes increasingly longer, older objects tend to be offered at lower prices, thus, the overall sales and marketing costs increase.

  • Flexibility vs. certainty
  • Tenants need increasingly more flexibility in terms of space determination and rental duration
  • Dynamic enterprises are looking for innovative space and work concepts
  • There is no silver bullet to satisfy all tenants‘ expectations as well as respect all investor requirements

Our Solution

It is time to rethink the approach. In our era of “knowledge economics”, offices are more and more considered just “spaces”. These spaces should ideally become available as projects grow or shrink.
We solve these issues with the help of an IT-optimized space management tool, which is able to think “with” the user. It is also able to detect potential demand, and can manage changing needs. The system is patented and consists of software, electronic controls and interactive furniture. It increases productivity and value creation potential for both groups: tenants and owners.

  • Facility Sharing & Community Management as part of the overall development concept
  • Enables flexible workplace strategies and increases the tenants’ satisfaction in the long-term
  • Increases space efficiency and helps tenants to save on fixed costs
  • Helps marketers to offer their office real estate faster and to tap into new user groups