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Flexible employment
that actually works.

WorkYourWay provides real opportunities for flexible job seekers.

Search for a job that fits around your working patterns, workload, workplace or life-event.


WorkYourWay is the UK’s leading jobs platform for flexible job-seekers. Whether you’re looking for flexi-time; hybrid working; 4-day week; job share; remote working or shared parental leave, WorkYourWay allows you to find a job that fits you. Filter roles by over 20 different flexible working options, split across four key groups: working patterns, workload, workplace and life-events.

Our goal is to not only provide you with your next role, but also to provide transparency between candidates and companies. Our Flexibase platform has been created in partnership with Flex Appeal and leading D&I consultancy, Included. It allows candidates to discover the flexible working approach of an organisation as well as the core options it offers.

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Job seekers in the UK have redefined their approach to employment. Factors such as family commitments, health requirements or simply wanting a better work/life balance have all fueled a sea change in the way we all work.

Join the revolution and browse flexible jobs.


Are you a forward-thinking company leading the flexible working revolution in the UK?

Access 1000’s of candidates and discover highly-skilled individuals. Reduce your costs and help close the gender and ethnicity pay gaps across the UK.

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We understand that every individual has different needs and requirements, that’s why we allow candidates to filter by 20+ different flexible working options. WorkYourWay splits these across four key categories: working patterns, workload, workplace and life events:

01. Working Patterns: how your contractual hours are split across the days of your working week. For example, patterns include part-time, term-time, annualised hours, flexi-time, compressed hours & more.
02. Workload: the amount of work assigned to or expected from a worker in a specified time period. For example, an organisation may offer reduced hours or commissioned outcomes.
03. Workplace: the location where you plan to work. There are three core flexible workplace options: hybrid working (office/home), remote or mobile working and work from home.
04. Life Event: work designed around a significant event in an individual's life, which can include events such as shared parental leave and career breaks/sabbaticals.

Transparency between companies and candidates is key to a successful recruitment process. That’s why we launched Flexibase, the UK’s first platform that gives businesses the ability to be transparent with candidates about their approach to flexible working. This platform has been created in partnership with Flex Appeal and leading D&I consultancy, Included. Our unique tool gives candidates the information they need when finding work, whilst giving organisations a platform to outwardly publicise their approach to flexible working.

Flexibase uses a unique flexible working methodology, allowing candidates to find an organisation that fits around their working pattern, workload, workplace or life-event. Flexibase not only helps candidates, but also gives businesses the tools to implement better flexible working practices into their business. To find out more, search Flexibase.

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