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Flexible employment
that actually works.
WorkYourWay provides real opportunities for flexible job seekers.
The world of work has changed. People have re-evaluated their work-life balance, or as we prefer to say: “life-work balance”. For us, life should always come first.
Saying you work flexibly should be something to be proud of. Whether you’re a student; parent; carer; older worker or simply those who don’t want a traditional 9-5 role, finding that dream job that fits around your needs and requirements should be simple. However, the current model is outdated and isn’t candidate-centric. WorkYourWay solves these problems by matching you with roles that work around you.

We take into account four different groups of flexible working principles to match you with organisations and specific roles suited to your needs:

  • Working Patterns: how your contractual hours are split across the days of your working week. For example, patterns include part-time, term-time, annualised hours, flexi-time, compressed hours & more.
  • Workload: the amount of work assigned to or expected from a worker in a specified time period. For example, an organisation may offer reduced hours or commissioned outcomes.
  • Workplace: the location where you plan to work. There are three core flexible workplace options: hybrid working (office/home), remote or mobile working and work from home.
  • Life Event: work designed around a significant event in an individual's life, which can include events such as shared parental leave and career breaks/sabbaticals.

WorkYourWay not only gives you the opportunity to search for 20+ flexible working options, but also gives you the opportunity to discover new organisations through our tool Flexibase. This is the UK’s first database that allows candidates to find an organisation's approach to flexible working. To learn more about each flexible working option, visit our Flexibase mission and flexible working methodology.

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WorkYourWay benefits for
flexible candidates
Save Money
We aim to save you money by avoiding wasted travel time, childcare & all other costs attributed to searching for your roles
We aim to provide you with the best job search experience possible. That’s why we use multiple parameters to provide you with the most relevant roles:
Our features:
Work Schedule
Finding a job to fit around your routine is critical. That’s why we take into account your preferred working patterns, workload, type of workplace and specific life-events.
We know commuting eats into your time, which is why we filter roles based on your home location (and provide remote working options).
Unique skills honed over time are one of your most valuable assets. We match these with what employers are looking for to give you the best roles possible.
Talent isn’t the number of hours worked. Talent is knowledge and experience. We provide roles where you can deliver the most value.
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