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BlackRock is a global asset manager and technology provider. Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. We help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them throughout their lives. We make investing easier and more affordable. We advance sustainable investing because our conviction is it delivers better outcomes for investors. We contribute to a more resilient economy that benefits more people. Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come. That’s why, we’re asking bigger questions – of ourselves, our industry, and the world at large. Questions that challenge convention and give rise to new thinking. Because the bigger questions we ask, the bigger actions we can take.

Drapers Gardens , 12 Throgmorton Ave, London, EC2N 2DL
Industry Financial Services
Company size:   10,001+ employees
Industry:   Financial Services
Company Details
Drapers Gardens
12 Throgmorton Ave

BlackRock offers flexible working, with the understanding that their employees' personal circumstances may differ, therefore allowing individuals to balance their life and work schedules.

What we love about BlackRock:

💡 BlackRock have a flexible time off policy and agile working arrangements to promote employee financial and personal wellness.

💡 BlackRock recognises the importance of parents having time to care for a child and therefore has adopted a gender-neutral parental leave policy.

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Flexible Working Approach

We understand that our people are highly sought after. That is why we work hard to retain our high-performing women and men. Creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels they can belong – where they can be themselves and do their best work – is key to retaining talent at BlackRock.

We offer a progressive and comprehensive suite of benefits designed to promote work-life flexibility and employee financial and personal wellness. These include a flexible time off policy, agile working arrangements, generous (in)fertility benefits, back up adult and child care, breast milk delivery service for business travel, 24/7 access to lactation consultants, and gender neutral parental leave.

For example, BlackRock recognizes the importance for both parents to have time to care for their child after birth or adoption placement, as a result, BlackRock has a gender neutral Parental Leave Policy — which provides up to 16 weeks of paid leave for the primary parental care giver and up to four weeks for the non-primary parental caregiver in the U.S. Following the employee’s return to work at the expiration of Paid Parental Leave, primary caregivers are entitled to a two-week flexible return to work transition to enable a smooth transition back to work. Flexibility may come in different forms such as arriving at work at a later time than normal to ensure a new childcare provider arrangement is comfortable for the child, parent, and caregiver; working from home for up to two days per week; or leaving early from work. We understand that there may be a lot of anxiety when returning to work and we care that our employees feel fully supported during this important time in their lives.

Further, as part of BlackRock’s commitment to attracting and retaining the best talent, we offer a number of Flexible Work Arrangements to promote and support work-life balance and provide alternatives to the traditional work schedule. The types of flexible work arrangements include part time hourly, flexible time by varying the start and end of the workday, remote working from home or an alternative location, and job sharing to support flexibility requirements based on individual job and family circumstances.

We also measure employee reaction to our inclusion and diversity efforts and benefits offerings through our yearly Employee Opinion Survey (EOS), which has a 90+% participation. Through this process, we learned for example, that our employees were seeking more flexible time off. That's why we've enhanced our time off policies globally in 2018. Instead of being held to a fixed number of paid days off per year, we now provide all employees with Flexible Time Off (FTO), giving people the flexibility to take as much time off as they need to refresh and recharge (with manager approval), while still fulfilling their work responsibilities and ensuring teammates cover for one another while they're away.

Part-time: An employee who works fewer hours than a full-time worker. There is no specific number of hours that makes someone part-time, but a full-time worker will usually work 35-40 hours a week.
Flexi-Time: This is a working schedule that allows employees to choose when they start and end their workday, usually to accomodate an individuals needs and other commitments outside of work.
Agile Working: This method of work gives employees the option to work where, when and how they choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.
Full-time: A full-time employee works between 35 and 40 hours per week, usually on a permanent contract.
Phased Retirement: This refers to an approach that gives employees the ability to manage the transition from full-time employment to retirement.
Hybrid Working (Office / Home): This means an employee splits their time between the workplace (usually office based) and remote working (usually at home).
Remote or Mobile Working: This is a type of working arrangement that allows an employee to work from a remote location outside of corporate offices.
Work From Home (WFH): This is where an employee has the ability to set up their workspace at home, and manage their work without the need to go to the office.
Office Working: This refers to an employee being physically present in the workplace to fulfil their contractual responsibilities.
Career Breaks / Sabbatical: These are an extended periods of agreed absence from work. The term is often used interchangeably with "sabbatical", which is generally taken to mean a shorter period of leave of several weeks or months.
Shared Parental Leave: This allows parents to share a portion of leave and pay with their partners to care for children from birth, usually until their first birthday.

*Please note that not all flexible working options may not be available for every role.

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