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Hydrogen Group

Not afraid to fall over or jump higher, nor afraid to dream BIG, we believe in people and teams - and their ability to achieve great things. We exist to empower people to fulfil their potential; we build teams, we power businesses and we help them all to change the world. 

Hydrogen Group is a global specialist recruitment business, placing exceptional, hard to find candidates in over 70 countries. Our joined up practices combine international reach with local expertise and specialist knowledge, and cover the areas of: 

  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals 
  • Business Transformation & Change 
  • Legal • Technology & Data Analytics 
  • Accounting & Finance 
  • Marketing & Business Development 
  • Procurement 

Whilst many specialist recruiters are location-focused, we believe the best way to support our clients and candidates is to base our offering around our global practices. 

It's through our leading-edge technology and joined-up processes within these practices that our consultants are able to operate globally, finding the right candidates for specialist roles, regardless of location.

30 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1HD
Industry Recruiting
Company size:   251-500 employees
Industry:   Recruiting
Company Details
30 Eastcheap

Hydrogen Group has a culture of trust to allow their staff to make the right decision for them. They believe their employees should have the autonomy to decide when, how and where they work the most productively, bringing together both work and personal life.

What we love about Hydrogen Group:

💡 Allows teams to tailor their day around what is happening in their personal life by letting employees decide what time they start and finish and where, with little limitations. 

💡 Provides technology and support to help remote or hybrid workers be  present in their work and with their teams.  

Articles about Hydrogen Group:

💡 Why we believe so strongly in flexible working  

Flexible Working Approach

We are strong believers that you know when and how you work best. That is why we encourage you to be responsible for your own time. This enables you to work around your lifestyle and customers without forgetting the importance of collaboration. Providing you with technology to comfortably facilitate a working day that benefits you, our business, and your potential. 

This allows your work and other commitments to co-exist, enhancing the opportunities and collaboration we have as a global business.  

What this means in practice:  

1. Work when and where you are at your most productive. If that is at 10AM in a cafe next to your house, or 9PM at home after you’ve put the kids to bed, you do you!  

2. Need to pick the kids up from school? Drop them off as well! No need to preauthorize or seek approval! Live your life the way you need to.   

3. Doctors’ appointment? Migraine? Getting a package delivered to your home? Work around these, take the time you need and utilize your autonomy to do what works for you!  

4. Not a morning person? Start at 10! Work when you are at your most productive!

Part-time: An employee who works fewer hours than a full-time worker. There is no specific number of hours that makes someone part-time, but a full-time worker will usually work 35-40 hours a week.
Term-time: These are contract based agreements that are used to accommodate an individuals childcare responsibilities during school holidays, as well as for staff who work in the education sector.
Annualised Hours: This is an employment contract where the employee's working hours are calculated on an hourly basis, rather than daily or weekly. Those hours are at times stipulated by the employer during the year.
Flexi-Time: This is a working schedule that allows employees to choose when they start and end their workday, usually to accomodate an individuals needs and other commitments outside of work.
Core Hours / Staggered Hours: Core hours refer to specific times an organisation requires an employee to work, for example 10am to 4pm. Staggered hours are when an employee has different start and finish times from other workers.
Reduced Hours: This is a provision given by an organisation to an employee to work for a lesser number of hours as compared to the mandatory working hours set for all employees.
Hybrid Working (Office / Home): This means an employee splits their time between the workplace (usually office based) and remote working (usually at home).
Remote or Mobile Working: This is a type of working arrangement that allows an employee to work from a remote location outside of corporate offices.
Work From Home (WFH): This is where an employee has the ability to set up their workspace at home, and manage their work without the need to go to the office.
Office Working: This refers to an employee being physically present in the workplace to fulfil their contractual responsibilities.
Career Breaks / Sabbatical: These are an extended periods of agreed absence from work. The term is often used interchangeably with "sabbatical", which is generally taken to mean a shorter period of leave of several weeks or months.

*Please note that not all flexible working options may not be available for every role.

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