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At MarketFinance, we believe UK businesses are building the world we all want to live in, piece by piece. And we know that building an idea, a product, a team, a business – the world – isn’t easy. We’ve been there. We are there. We get it. But running a business on your own terms, doesn’t mean having to go it alone. We know first-hand that success lives within the people and partnerships that surround you. And whether success means disrupting an industry or simply getting that order out on time, you should have a choice of how to fund your business. We are MarketFinance. And we exist to help businesses get to where they want to go. Wherever that is and however they choose to get there.

48-50 Scrutton Street , London, EC2A 4XQ
Industry Financial Services
Company size:   51-250 employees
Industry:   Financial Services
Company Details
48-50 Scrutton Street

MarketFinance listens to what their teams want and need by giving them freedom and flexibility to decide where they work. They operate on a hybrid model with employees typically working in the office 40% of the time, however, they trust employees to decide what work schedule works best for themselves and their teams.

What we love about Market Finance:

💡 Engineers at MarketFinance can work exclusively from home by default.

💡 Employees at MarketFinance can work aborad up to 45 calendar days a year.

💡 Individuals can take advantage of not having to commute five days a week and therefore can focus on other commitments. 

Flexible Working Approach

As a tech-led company we managed the practicalities of remote working easily when COVID-19 hit. But we’re also a social and office-centric company, so our work rhythms had to adjust significantly.

Post-pandemic we see an opportunity to refresh our working model. We’re giving our people more freedom and flexibility, putting their preferences and productivity firmly at the centre. #1Team1Dream is one of our core values for a reason. So what does our new work philosophy look like and how did we get here?


It has been inspiring to see the team come together to deliver for our customers when they’ve needed us more than ever. #MakeItHappen, another core value at MarketFinance, has defined the tenacity of our team.

We’ve all experienced benefits and frustrations while working remotely. But early on, our people said they felt more productive and enjoyed having greater autonomy. We want to protect and promote that, as a more fluid work setup can have life-changing impact. For many of us, and especially those who’ve been able to see families abroad or start their own, not having to commute five days a week has been a blessing.


Opening up our own hiring pool is something we’re committed to as part of our Banking & Competition Remedies grant. Remote work has made onboarding people across the UK much easier, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve learnt that we’re able to work effectively and stay connected wherever we’re spread. This year we’ve hired engineers overseas and have already welcomed four new joiners based permanently outside the UK.

In line with this international growth and frequent feedback from our Tech team, we decided to go one step further. We’re offering all our engineers the option to work entirely from home by default. This is coupled with the flexibility to work from the office whenever they want or need.


We also had plenty of feedback that the team didn’t want to go to the extreme of becoming a fully remote company forever. Working shoulder-to-shoulder offers an unrivalled platform to collaborate, onboard new recruits and strengthen company culture. Our new hybrid working policy strikes the balance between these worlds.

When restrictions are completely lifted, our team members can work from home and our newly revamped offices. Our expectation is that we’ll spend around 40% of our time in the office versus at home. And rather than getting too prescriptive by mandating 2 in-office days per week, we trust everyone to work out the logistics with their managers based on what makes sense for the business, our customers, their team and their own development.


We want to go the extra mile when it comes to flexibility, especially as a) our team loves travelling, and b) there are 26 different nationalities represented at MarketFinance so far. So we’re letting staff work from anywhere in the world for up to 45 calendar days every year. Hopefully this will increase in the coming years if it works well.

This perk will enhance our team’s ability to travel internationally, not just during holidays but as part of their lifestyle. We’re a curious bunch, and a work policy that allows our team to expand their horizons through travel feeds into our other core value, #AlwaysBeLearning.

Part-time: An employee who works fewer hours than a full-time worker. There is no specific number of hours that makes someone part-time, but a full-time worker will usually work 35-40 hours a week.
Flexi-Time: This is a working schedule that allows employees to choose when they start and end their workday, usually to accomodate an individuals needs and other commitments outside of work.
Hybrid Working (Office / Home): This means an employee splits their time between the workplace (usually office based) and remote working (usually at home).
Remote or Mobile Working: This is a type of working arrangement that allows an employee to work from a remote location outside of corporate offices.
Work From Home (WFH): This is where an employee has the ability to set up their workspace at home, and manage their work without the need to go to the office.
Office Working: This refers to an employee being physically present in the workplace to fulfil their contractual responsibilities.

*Please note that not all flexible working options may not be available for every role.

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