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Software Acumen

About us

We are a small agile team of specialist software event organisers, with an outstanding reputation, operating in Cambridge since 2004. 

Our aim is to provide Great rather than Big events. We provide events that are close to our heart: high-value, affordable, interactive and exceeding participant expectations. 

While quality and value for money are priorities, it’s important to us to ensure everyone involved with our events feels they have the opportunity to achieve their goals in joining our conferences - this includes our event team. We are also committed to improving sustainability at our events. 

We are currently planning for six in person events across the UK in 2023 (3 in Edinburgh) - these are all well established events.

St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge , CB4 0WS
Industry Events Services
Company size:   1-10 employees
Industry:   Events Services
Company Details
St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road
Flexible Working Approach

Whilst working (remotely) alongside the rest of the team, the role will involve mainly working independently from home on your own initiative and with minimum instruction so you must be able to recognise and resolve problems quickly and efficiently - that said, we are a supportive team and you should be able to ask for help when needed.

Our team joins together at events, as such you will be expected to be fully available for our in person events.

Flexi-Time: This is a working schedule that allows employees to choose when they start and end their workday, usually to accomodate an individuals needs and other commitments outside of work.
Mutually Agreed / Predictable Hours: These refer to a pre-agreed number of hours between a business and employee. These may flex up and down slightly, however they generally remain the same month on month.
Compressed Hours: This is where an employee increases the volume of hours worked each day in order to reduce the number of days worked.
Time-off in lieu: This refers to when an employer gives an employee time off instead of paying for overtime. The employee agrees to the terms (for example, when it can be taken) with the employer.
Agile Working: This method of work gives employees the option to work where, when and how they choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.
Full-time or Part-time: A Full-time or Part-time employee.
Ad-hoc: A type of employment contract between an employer and an employee whereby the employer is not obliged to provide any minimum number of working hours to the employee.
4 Day Week: This is where an employee has a 4 day working week, while maintaining the same pay and benefits as a Monday to Friday role.
Work From Home (WFH): This is where an employee has the ability to set up their workspace at home, and manage their work without the need to go to the office.

*Please note that not all flexible working options may not be available for every role.

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